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It wasn’t until college that Karyn became interested in photography. At that time landscapes were her focus. She and her friends would grab their cameras and drive for hours in Pennsylvania Amish country in the hopes of stumbling upon a covered bridge or an historic barn to use as the backdrop for a portrait. Abandoned farm equipment, a horse drawn buggy, and clothes drying on the clothesline were favorite subjects. During this time, she also developed an interest in aerial photographs which became part of her undergraduate and graduate research in geology. In 2016, when Karyn was pregnant with her second child she started taking online photography classes targeted at moms. She spent the majority of her maternity leave photographing her newborn, carrying him around the house to different types of light and settings. Five years into her photography journey, making photographs has become Karyn’s therapy and her way to bring her own childhood memories into view.


Karyn uses a documentary approach and intentional portraiture to tell introspective stories about the connections and relationships between her children and extended family members. She brings compassion, curiosity, and a sense of humor to her images as she documents children honestly, in their joy, awkwardness, inquisitiveness, and boredom. Rather than being timeless, Karyn’s images are contemporary. Grounding subjects in time and space she captures present day surroundings and happenings along with the ephemeral nature of childhood.


Karyn has been included in exhibitions at the Dallas Center for Photography, International Center for Photography, and Curated Fridge. She has been published in Shots Magazine and has received awards from the Documentary Family Awards and National Association of Professional Childhood Photographers. She was a participant in the Atelier 33 class at the Griffin Museum of Photography.


She lives with her family in Arlington, MA.  She loves to read but struggles to find the time so, she fills that void with podcasts, lots and lots of podcasts. 

(selected images below)


The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts; Picture (im)Perfect exhibit; Tampa, Florida. On display May 2021

Documentary Family Photographers; Transforming Perspectives virtual exhibit, curated by Tiffani Graham

Editor's Gallery, Focus on the Story Portrait Awards, 2021

Photography Atelier 33, Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA


Dallas Center for Photography Human Portrait, curated by Jennifer Spelman

SHOTS Magazine NO. 149 Open Theme, published by Doug Beasley, edited by Elizabeth Flinsch

Six Feet Photography Project #LifeatSixFeet 

International Center for Photography #ICPConcerned Global Images for Global Crisis


Dallas Center for Photography Picturing Home, curated by Nancy Borowick

Curated Fridge Summer 2020 Little Wins, curated by Bree Lamb

SHOTS Magazine NO. 147 Surrender, published by Doug Beasley, edited by Elizabeth Flinsch


Voice Collection, Category: Weather

Documentary Family Awards V3, First Place, Category: 100 Days of Summer

Documentary Family Awards V3, Second Place, Best Overall Winner

INSPIRED Gallery Event, National Association of Childrens Photographers, First and Second Place, Category: Emotion

Documentary Family Awards V1, Honorable Mention, Category: Birth

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