Karyn is a photographer who uses portraiture, documentary, and conceptual photography to explore themes of identity, specifically in parenthood and childhood. 

With a background in geology and education, Karyn seeks to understand how people connect with their natural and human made environments. 


She lives with her family in a suburb of Boston, MA.  She loves to read but struggles to find the time so, she fills that void with podcasts, lots and lots of podcasts. 

(selected images below)

2020 Dallas Center for Photography Human Portrait, curated by Jennifer Spelman

2020 SHOTS Magazine NO. 149 Open Theme, published by Doug Beasley, edited by Elizabeth Flinsch

2020 Six Feet Photography Project #LifeatSixFeet 

2020 International Center for Photography #ICPConcerned Global Images for Global Crisis

2020 Dallas Center for Photography Picturing Home, curated by Nancy Borowick

2020 Curated Fridge Summer 2020 Little Wins, curated by Bree Lamb

2020 SHOTS Magazine NO. 147 Surrender, published by Doug Beasley, edited by Elizabeth Flinsch

2019 Voice Collection, Category: Weather

2019 Documentary Family Awards V3, First Place, Category: 100 Days of Summer

2019 Documentary Family Awards V3, Second Place, Best Overall Winner

2019 INSPIRED Gallery Event, National Association of Childrens Photographers, First and Second Place, Category: Emotion

2019 Documentary Family Awards V1, Honorable Mention, Category: Birth

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