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KIN & KID Newsletter

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

I became interested in photography when my daughter was born in 2012. I started by sitting her in pretty light and in slightly too fancy clothing for a baby to wear. The pictures I took were cute but truthfully, they had no heart. They held no memories of a moment or an event. And I was stressed out, trying to get her to look at the camera all the time!

So I stopped. I stopped taking pictures and I started thinking.

I started thinking about the type of parent I was and wanted to be. I thought about the details I would want to remember and the moments I wanted to document for my daughter to look back on. I stopped posing her and I started observing her. Then I started following her around like her own personal paparazzi (I still do that today). What I discovered is called Documentary Family Photography. Another way to think of it is Moment Driven Photography. And as they say, "Life is a series of moments."

You've probably found my site because you're drawn to photos of real life moments. Maybe you like honest stories about the struggles of being a parent. And that's where my newsletter comes in!

In case you're wondering if this newsletter is going to be a series of sales pitches, the answer is no. Sure, there's a small part of me that hopes I inspire you to use a documentary approach yourself or hire someone to photography your family's authentic story. To me, and I hope for you too, this newsletter will be about solidarity, knowing that we have a common interest and are providing mutual support to each other. If you follow me on Instagram then you can expect a slightly longer version of what I write there. I'm going to share my laughs, cries and meltdowns, oh and my kids' laughs, cries and meltdowns, too! If sales and special announcements are the only reason you subscribe to newsletters, then never fear, because of course I'll be sharing sales and such with you.

If you're interested in getting my newsletter delivered straight to your inbox then head on over to my website, enter your email address, and click subscribe! You'll receive a welcome notification and then once or twice a month a little story and photo from me will magically appear in your inbox, like a unicorn.


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