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Reality is in

A few weeks ago I was reading a trend report from Etsy and I made a delightful discovery. Along with burnt orange, herbariums, and sloths, in 2019, REALITY IS IN!

In fact they are "officially declaring 2019 the year of Being Real."

I consider myself to be a healthy mix of idealist and realist (both of those traits help me in business). Up until a few years ago, I had probably been leaning towards idealism. But having kids has made me more of a realist.

Parenting is exhausting and scary and frustrating and funny. We need to talk about the highs and lows, the hilarious bits and the epic meltdowns. We need to normalize the challenges so that we don't view them as failures. We view them part of life.

If your truth includes a version of the following, then I'm right there with you. Together, let's make this year a celebration of our authentic selves.

Enjoying your coffee while your child keeps an eye on you.


Dining while wearing a bike helmet.

Hiding in a cardboard box.

Questioning your partner's culinary decisions.

Having trouble locating your child among the clutter.

In 2019, let's make the choice to ACTIVELY EMBRACE YOUR TRUTH because IMHO real is so much better than perfect.


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