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Let's talk holiday cards

Way back in March I wrote a blog post about Documenting Moments and holiday cards. I shared my holiday card images from 2017. I asked you to make a folder on your computer and add your favorite photos from 2018. My hope was that by the end of the year you would have a bunch of images that were holiday card worthy. So...did you do it? I did! And I want to share a few images that I think are perfect to tell our family's 2018 story!

We jumped on beds.

Contemplated snow.

Rode a unicorn.

Played basketball.

Rocked out.

Sacked out.

And so many more things!

In case you're curious about how I'm going to use these photo, here's my holiday card from last year! I made it using Canva and sent it via email. But there are lots of programs you can use. Instead of email, they can be printed and mailed. The possibilities are endless!


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