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On letting your guard down

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

A few weeks ago I visited Arlington, MA, one of my favorite cities just outside of Boston. I had scheduled a bunch of mini sessions at Spy Pond. And then it snowed. Not just a little snow. Over a foot of snow. Um...that was not in the plan. But that's kind of the thing about documentary family photography - it isn't about having a plan. It's about letting your guard down, about letting life unfold in front of you and embracing the day for what it presents. The families I was scheduled to photograph were beyond flexible, some even upgraded to hour long sessions.

One of my favorite ways to document a family is to spend the night and start my day with them. I know, it's an unconventional approach to family photography. I might see you in your pajamas and, probably worse, without your first cup of coffee. I might see your kids standing on their chairs and sticking out their tongues. The Koos are friends of mine. So I had a bit of an all access pass to their day, from the first light of day to the last. My goal is to book more families who let me spend the night or at least show up right as they wake up.

Booking a documentary family session means you are ready to let your guard down. It means you are ready to receive images of your kids practicing their instruments and pretending to be superheroes.

It means you are ready to receive images of YOU being a superhero and acting like a kid yourself.

Even if it means getting your paper airplane stuck in a tree.

So if you're ready to let your guard down, read more about the KIN & KID experience or contact me to book a session.


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